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SPEERIT is partnering with SHANTI BAR for its Private Beta Launch!

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SPEERIT is partnering with SHANTI BAR

SPEERIT is partnering with SHANTI BAR

We’re so delighted to partner with Lauren and Ashanty, founders for SHANTI BAR during SPEERIT Private Beta launch. With their backgrounds in sports fitness and culinary arts, they bring together to the kitchen the most delicious healthy protein bar in the market. They have been endorsed by Hope Solo, the highly performer gold medalist US soccer goalkeeper.  

Raw power united

SHANTI BAR is High in Performance, High in Protein, a nutrient rich Delicious RAW Superfood bar. It is Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Kosher! How healthy is that?

shanti bar

SPEERT & Protein power

Healthy power bar

Well, we love it! And for that, by signing-up for SPEERIT Private Beta, we’re happy to provide you with a 50% off. You’ll never get that deal anywhere else, and our friends at SHANTI are waiting to give you a taste.  How does that sound? This is not a giveaway, everyone of you who sign up here for free, will get an email with a code to redeem. That’s what we call POWER!